What Is COGx And Why Do We Use It?

what is COGx and why we use it at Banyan Tree Educational Services

What is COGx? COGx is the cognitive science of learning—in other words, research and clinical programs that use the latest scientific advancements to improve how people learn. At Banyan Tree Educational Services, we use COGx programs and training to help our students strengthen their cognitive skills.

What is COGx and what does it target?

COGx focuses on core cognitive skills: processing speed, attention, working and long-term memory, executive functioning, and reasoning. Each program is customized for the individual learner and uses strategies and science-based techniques to improve acquisition and retention.

What’s the value of COGx?

Cognitive skills are essential building blocks for a student’s success both in and out of the classroom. For most traditional programs, cognitive skills are addressed in a ‘vacuum’ – or, in other words, through separate instruction.

With the COGx programs, these skills are taught in both a separate setting as well as the student’s main curriculum creating a transfer of learning. This helps students to master techniques and have awareness of not only their academics but their learning processes.

How does COGx train the student’s brain?

When a student participates in a COGx program, he or she will be ‘trained’ by a certified COGx professional who purposefully selects strategies and exercises that target the student’s needs. Each of these strategies/exercises are unique to the individual learner and his or her deficits.

How do our students retain and grow from COGx?

COGx has a three-part approach: Teach (teaching the student the necessary skills), Train (develop the skills and student abilities), and Transfer (applying the skills both in and out of the classroom).

The Transfer piece happens once a student has a secure and strong foundation from the COGx training. During this pillar, students grow in their self-awareness (thinking about their own thinking processes) and are able to transfer skills learned in their program to other areas—both academic and personal!

Want to learn more about COGx?

Due to need, success with the program, and our unique student population, we offer COGx at many of our campuses! To learn more about COGx and see current availability for one-on-one sessions, give us a call. (858) 367-5428

To learn more about our programs and offerings, check out our blog page.

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