3 Things We Are Thankful For This Year

Things We Are Thankful For This Year

This year has been a challenging one for many of us. A global pandemic, educational uncertainty, public school closures, and the ups and downs of emotions during all of this change has impacted our lives tremendously. Even in all of this challenge, though, there is still so much we are thankful for this year.

Hopefully this list is a small reminder of all that we have, and all the ways we can celebrate one another (and the positives) in this holiday season.

1. The ability for students to learn in meaningful ways.

Although this year has brought ups and downs with education in general, and stress surrounding school closures, we have been blessed to continue providing services to our students both in-person (at some locations) and online.

No matter what this year has thrown at us, we know and value the importance of stability for our students. Despite obstacles, they have been able to learn in meaningful ways and we are so thankful for that.

2. Support systems all around us: family, friends, educators, etc.

We are blessed by our diligent and hardworking staff, who has pivoted from every change and continued to put 110% effort into our students. As we reflect on the past year, we want to thank our staff, our families, and our students for providing the space we call homeā€”even if it’s been a virtual home!

3. Challenges accepted and goals being met.

Regardless of what this year has brought, our students and staff have moved forward, accepted challenges, and pursued goals. We know that this hasn’t been easy, but as we reflect, we want to share our appreciation and praise.

Some students have grown in their online attention and rapport with instructors. Some students have been able to take on new classes through virtual learning and navigate programs they didn’t think they would. Some students have welcomed new classmates, made growth in their communication, and built confidence in their skills!

These are all things to be thankful for this year. We hope that as you enjoy the holiday with your families and friends (safely, of course!), you can create your own list alongside us.

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