The 5 Pillars Of Reading

At Banyan Tree Educational Services, our core approach is the Five Pillars of Reading to help our students build foundational skills.

January 14: Parent’s Connect Meeting

Please join us at our next Parents’ Connect Meeting for a “Lunch and Learn” session on Monday, January 14 from 12 pm-1 pm. Feel free to bring a friend! Parent’s Connect is a monthly group that meets to share ideas and gain helpful insights from our Director Nanci Engle or other invited speakers. This month’sContinue reading “January 14: Parent’s Connect Meeting”

December 19: Parent Information Meeting

Join us for a parent information meeting on December 19th, 2018 at 11:30am. Why does my child struggle in school? What should I do?  If this is a nagging question, we want you to know that there IS hope. Weak underlying processing skills can cause even very bright students to have to work harder or longer than expected. WhileContinue reading “December 19: Parent Information Meeting”

October 18: Parents Connect Group Meeting

    We are so excited to get our Parents Connect Group started! We will be hosting these sessions once a month with a guest speaker at our Point Loma location. Since October is Dyslexia awareness month our first meeting will focus on supporting students, families, and caregivers affected by dyslexia. Our first featured guestContinue reading “October 18: Parents Connect Group Meeting”