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The Power Learning Summer Program offers students the opportunity to make significant gains in a relatively short amount of time. It takes frequency, intensity and a “just right” level of challenge to make the neural changes in processing. Our goal is to help students overcome learning and focus challenges that are causing frustration and anxiety in the classroom and at home. Take advantage of our PLP sessions at times when students are more mentally available to learn, during breaks when they have less or no homework – summers, Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Ski Week and Spring Break.

Why Parents choose The Power Learning Program?

During the school year, students at the Learning Center receive one-on-one instruction 1-3 times per week. This helps students make gains and feel supported as they learn strategies they can use on their own, at home as follow up, or implemented at school. PLP helps to increase and integrate these skills, helping processing become more automatic and lasting.

Every student’s journey is different.

Each student is unique and needs a program designed specifically for them. Students who participate in Power Learning receive one-on-one Educational Therapy designed specifically for them.

Our Power Learning Program

Students who could benefit from this program may have Dyslexia, ADHD, Auditory Processing Disorder, Executive Functioning, Sensory Dysfunction or students with challenges in basic reading skills, comprehension, written language, receptive/ expressive language, math concepts, anxiety and frustration.

Challenges can be overcome through our Power Learning Program.

With specialized training the brain can learn to think and process information in more effective ways. Frequency and Intensity will result in significant improvement in challenged areas. We offer a variety of interventions carefully selected for your child.

  • Fast Forword
  • Cog X
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Cogmed
  • Move to Learn
  • Integrated Listening System
  • Wilson
  • Excellence in Writing
  • Lindamood-Bell ™ (Banyan Tree is not affiliated with Lindamood-Bell.)

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