Online Learning

1:1 Virtual Tutoring & Distance Learning Support

To learn about our COVID-19 updates, campus closures, and other information, click here.

We are here to partner with you and your family during this time! Whether your child needs help with online learning or distance learning, homework/lessons, or direct instruction, our one-on-one sessions provide the individualized intervention and skill-building your child needs.

We can help with remediation, building foundational skills, bridging any gaps that school closures have caused, or offering additional support at home. We offer flexible scheduling and our teachers/instructors are trained in all content areas.

Educational Therapy

If your child has struggled with reading, dyslexia, written language, dysgraphia, math, dyscalculia or cognitive/processing skills, our 1:1 Educational Therapy intervention is available online! We address and support IEP goals. We can also assess your student to determine the cause of any learning challenges and develop personal learning plans for intervention.

Online Independent Programs

Full semester/year online courses (including A-G courses!) for students of all ages. Each course includes a plan with an online teacher, assessments, assignments, and supplementary materials. Banyan Tree offers 1:1 sessions with certified teachers and instructors to interact with a teacher face-to-face as well. We also offer technical support for accessing classes, plus discounts for multiple courses.

Online Courses & Credit Recovery

A-G courses and credit recovery! Each course includes a full semester or year plan with an online teacher, assessments, assignments, projects, and supplementary materials included. Banyan Tree offers technical support for accessing classes plus discounts for multiple courses.

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