15 FREE Educational Resources For Online Learning

online educational resources

During stressful times, one of our main goals at Banyan Tree Educational Services is to provide educational resources for our students. Regardless of where the learning happens—on our campuses or at home—we firmly believe that progress and dedication can help our students grow.

As our campuses shut their doors as a response to the latest County of San Diego Public Health Order, we are committed to helping our students (and parents) access necessary educational resources for online learning. Here are a few that we love:

Math Resources

educational resources

1. Fun Brain:Math can be challenging for students who don’t enjoy it. Fun Brain offers highly interactive and visual games and activities to spark engagement. There are also reading resources, books, and social games, too.

2. Math Score: From counting as far up to Algebra and Geometry, Math Score covers a wide range of grade levels, abilities, and ages.

3. Bedtime Math: If you’re looking for ways to add math into your daily routine, Bedtime Math is focused on natural integration, relevance, and of course, fun.


English/Language Arts Educational Resources:


1. Shurley English Program: If you’re looking for a structured, clear, and logical Language Arts program, Shurley is a great and in-depth resource.

2. Good and Beautiful: This online learning program offers course sets (Levels 1–5) that offer a mix of reading, writing, spelling, literature, grammar/punctuation, basic phonics, and even geography in a simple, yet highly visual course.

3. Wonderopolis: Short reading passages accompanied by post-reading and vocabulary questions are all available on Wonderopolis and their online platform.

Spelling Resources:


1. Brain Box: When it comes to engaging spelling activities, Brain Box has a wealth of ideas and resources that take students on an adventure.

2. Spelling City: Right now you can access Spelling City for free with the code: VSCFree90!

3. Spelling Training: Marked for grades 1-4, Spelling Training has an online program dedicated to helping students access spelling rules and concepts online.

Science Resources:


1. Steve Spangler Science: If you’re itching to do experiments at home, Steve Spangler has a website full of ideas!

2. NASA: If your student is super into space, NASA offers some great interactive activities and visuals.

3. Various Podcasts: If your student is a deep thinker or auditory learner, here is a list of kid-friendly science podcasts you can listen to togehter!

Elective Resources (Art, Music & More!):


The core curriculum is, of course, essential, but sometimes pure engagement (especially in a time of stress and anxiety) can be invaluable! Here are a few resources for the ‘elective’ and arts.

Music: If your child is musically inclined, Music Theory offers online lessons, ‘ear trainers,’ and exercises for all levels.

Art: For artistic students, this highly-detailed and interactive Met Museum activity takes students into the world of art.

Design: Kids Think Design dives into careers in the areas of fashion, interior, product, book, film/theatre, architecture, animation, enviornmental and graphic design through engaging activites.

Do you have other ideas you’d want to add to this list? Are there other interests your child has that you want us to explore? Feel free to drop us a comment below!

For other ways to engage your child during social distancing, feel free to contact us! We’d be happy to share thoughts and ideas with you.

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