New Assistive Technology Coming To Our Classrooms

Assistive Technology has become more and more prominent in modern day classrooms. AT is technically defined as any device, system or program that helps compensate for an individual’s specific learning disability.

This kind of technology can be used to support children who have issues with math, writing and organizational memory among other challenges. AT is an important option for children with learning deficits because it helps them to become more independent and self reliant.

Here at Banyan Tree our students work on iPads, computers, and use listening equipment to help assist and support their programs. Thanks to a generous grant from Las Patronas our students will soon have access to brand new smart boards. These smart boards will be an exciting and interactive way for students and teachers to get involved with their lessons in a hands on way.

Thank you Las Patronas for supporting our students!

This kind of Assistive Technology is so vital to the students at Banyan Tree because it allows them to engage with their coursework and helps them to complete it.

Learn more about Las Patronas or Assistive Technology.


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