5 Quotes To Honor National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

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September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month and in light of this, we wanted to take a moment to honor and share inspiring quotes for those in our community who may be struggling/have struggled, or are connected to those who are struggling with mental illness.

At Banyan Tree Educational Services, we know that our students come to us with varying stories and journeys. Our hope is to not only provide a quality and personalized education for all students, but to help them feel safe, understood, and emotionally supported as well.

If you are struggling with mental illness, please know that there is support available to you. Speak to a trusted loved one, seek help, and if you are feeling suicidal, know that the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is available 24-7 and can be reached at 800-273-8255.

“You are valued.”

Regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or what your story has been, you are valued. Our teachers, instructors, and staff care about you. They are thankful you are here. And they will value and respect you, simply because you are you!

“Your presence is a blessing.”

You showing up to class, walking through our doors, or checking into your online session is a blessing to our teachers and staff. We are thankful for the insight you share, the laughter you express, the thoughts you have, and the learning you are engaged in.

“You have a purpose.”

Although it may be hard at times to see who you’re meant to be or who you will one day become, you have a purpose. Even when life gets difficult or your academics feel too burdensome, remind yourself that you are meant for greater things. Keep going!

“What you have to say matters.”

When you share your thoughts or heart with others, you teach them so many beautiful and valuable things. Every time you reveal part of your story, others get to know you for you. Please remember that what you have to say matters and you should continue expressing it, even if it’s hard.

“We are so glad you exist.”

Whether you have been a student of ours for many years or have never walked through our doors, we are thankful that you are here reading these words. We are grateful that you have taken the time to come to our page and we hope you know how loved and supported you are. We are glad you exist.

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