How Do I Know If My Child Needs Educational Therapy?

does my child need educational therapy

What is Educational Therapy? How do I know if my child needs it? And where can I learn more? If these are questions you’re asking yourself, then you’ve come to the right place.

Understanding your child’s needs can feel overwhelming at first, but with the right support and services, you can help your child feel more successful. You can also get answers to questions about your son or daughter’s learning once and for all.

What Is Educational Therapy?

Educational therapy is one-on-one intensive, specialized instruction meant to meet your child’s specific learning needs. At the core, it’s all about changing the way traditional education works. Rather than having many children in one classroom, all with specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses, Ed. Therapy focuses on the individual child in a one-on-one setting and addresses what he or she needs to achieve learning in a meaningful way.

When your child receives Ed. Therapy services, these services are geared towards how your child learns best, as well as helping him/her understand HOW he/she learns. Ed. Therapy also focuses on foundational skills for learning to assess underlying processing issues. If there’s something your child needs level—in regards to attention, focus, body or motor movements, processing, etc.—then these are addressed first.

Through Ed. Therapy, there is a specific learning plan with goals and monitoring, plus communication to keep parents in the know, every step of the way.

How Can I Get Ed. Therapy for My Child?

At Banyan Tree, we offer Educational Therapy hours at all of our campuses as a part of the school day for our non-public and private schools. Students outside of these programs can attend The Learning Center (Point Loma) after school and/or by appointment.

What Will My Student Receive?

Depending on your child’s needs (including any learning disabilities or an IEP your child may have), a Personalized Learning Plan will be created that helps to focus on issues and create strategies for growth.

Students can receive in addition to Educational Therapy, such as OT, Speech/Language, listening programs and cognitive training. Areas we address include auditory processing; sensory, gross and fine motor issues; dyslexia and reading difficulties, critical thinking/problem solving, and more.

How Do I Get Started?

Your first step is to schedule a free consultation with the Director of the Learning Center, Nanci Engle, to discuss your child’s needs, your concerns, and available options. To set up an appointment or to ask additional questions, you can call us at (858) 367-5428 or send us an email.

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