Meet Our Team

Our staff is dedicated and committed to the belief that all children can learn to succeed.

Our talented staff consists of certified special education teachers , general education teachers, masters and bachelors in education and highly trained support staff and instructors.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership team is supported by 50 credentialed teachers, instructors and specialists that are an invaluable part of Banyan Tree Educational Services.


Nanci Engle
Executive Director


Lorin Hamilton
Business Manager


Carol Stachwick
Chief Operating Officer

Our Team

Point Loma:

Learning Center, Compass Academy, and Power Learning Program:

Clairemont Foundations Academy:

Muriel Bianchi, Principal

PL Administration:

Nanci Engle
Lorin Hamilton
Irina Gordova
Katie Ranshaw

PL Certified Teachers:
Tanja Sutton
Kurt Killpack

PL Instructors:
Rosalia Monzones
Douglas Pallozzi
Kim Mooney
Taylor Kaether
Fernanda Molina
Pat Harver
Jan St. Marie

BTFA Administration:
Muriel Bianchi
Kay MacIsaac
Jen Baron
Melissa McGowan
Brynn Bonas

BTFA Certified Teachers:
Sue Rodriguez
Cheryl White
Paul Chapman
Silvia Velasco

Related Services:
Traci Friedman (SLPA)
Mark Wilson (OT)
Karyn Searcy (SLP)

BTFA Instructors:
Mike Long
Danielle Glen
Cindy Woelk
Amalia Reynoso
Ingrid Stein
Krista Talbott
Meredith Minerich
Jonver De La Cruz
Samantha Fischer
Krista Unangst
Scott Thielen
Helen Castro
Josh Hawley
Lindsay Mitchell
Anika Garcia
Meredith Lynn
Angie Swarthout
Marissa Torres
Trina Overstreet
Linsay Dome
Katarina Kinden
Kelly Ummel
Alice Drennan
Geoff Odelson
Paola Hernandez
Phillip Martin
Leslie Goldstein

Our Board Members

Ann Steuer, President

Holly Vallera, Treasurer
Vallera Investment Properties, Inc.

Myra Benoist, Secretary

Michael Botkin
Botkin Financial Group

Tom Vaughn
Senior Broker / Owner
Vaughn Financial & Insurance Services LLC

Interested in supporting our work and serving San Diego children and their families? We are seeking additional Board Members with expertise in special education, finance, and nonprofit organizational development who want to be active and enthusiastic advocates for Banyan Tree! Contact us to learn more. 858-367-5428

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