What is the Learning Center?

Finding the root of the learning challenge guides the intervention for your child.

The Learning Center is very different from tutoring or test prep facilities, focusing on how a student learns.
We work one on one with your child to develop the skills needed to be an efficient and independent learner. Each session is designed specifically for your child.

In the hierarchy of learning, students must have the foundational skills in place to achieve at higher levels. Some of those skills may include attention, memory, processing speed, language and executive functioning.

Students at the at the Learning Center

Here are some common symptoms which may indicate there are underlying processing skills
not supporting the learner well enough.

  • Bright child or teen but is underachieving
  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Gets distracted easily
  • Avoids work, appears un-motived
  • Yawns all the time when listening
  • Tries really hard for minimal outcome
  • Struggles to sound out words
  • Can’t remember months, days, math facts, spelling words
  • Can’t follow more than one or two directions at a time
  • Inconsistent with math processes; can’t find or correct math errors
  • Struggles to read, write, or spell
  • Is uncoordinated, awkward, or has poor posture
  • Has to work excessively hard
  • Gets fatigued quickly / has very low stamina for listening or schoolwork
  • Misunderstands what is heard or read
  • Misses or mishears information when listening

The brain has plasticity and can be changed or rewired.

Through explicit, directive intervention, the brain can learn to think and process information in more effective ways. Children do not have to continue to suffer the effects of learning problems. Well-researched programs that have been shown to make significant changes include:

  • Fast Forword
  • PACE
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Cogmed
  • Move to Learn
  • The Listening Program
  • ILS Language
  • Integrated Listening System
  • Wilson Language Program
  • Excellence in Writing
  • Lindamood-Bell ™ (Banyan Tree is not affiliated with Lindamood-Bell.)

Why we assess our students

It is important to assess a student to pinpoint the cause of difficulty. While we do consider all previous testing, we use our assessment to observe many aspects of the student and build rapport. Assessments can vary based on student need and complexity, but assessment is required before starting any program and remediation.

Frequently asked questions.

“Are you a tutoring center?”

We are a LEARNING CENTER, which is a lot different!

At Banyan Tree Learning Center, we teach students HOW to learn. Tutoring may support students to help them get through a night’s homework or a particular class. But remediation addresses the underlying processing skills to eliminate the learning problem and teaches student HOW to learn so they can learn anywhere, any time, for a lifetime.

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