Is Banyan Tree Learning Center right for your student?

It IS…if you have observed that your child or teen:

  • Has difficulty paying attention
  • Gets distracted easily
  • Is bright but is underachieving
  • Avoids work, appears unmotivated or disengaged
  • Yawns frequently when listening
  • Tries really hard for minimal outcome
  • Struggles to sound out words
  • Forgets months, days, math facts, spelling words
  • Can’t follow more than one or two directions at a time
  • Is inconsistent with math processes; can’t find or correct math errors
  • Struggles to read, write or spell
  • Is uncoordinated, awkward or has poor posture
  • Gets fatigued quickly / has very low stamina for listening or schoolwork
  • Misunderstands what is heard or read
  • Misses or mishears information when listening

Finding the root of the learning challenge guides the intervention for your child.

If your student is struggling at school or at home, and you are seeking a solution, WE CAN HELP! If you suspect your child has dyslexia or other unidentified learning challenge, we can unlock that puzzle with an assessment and design a plan for success.  We also address the needs of students who have IEPs and may have a Specific Learning Disability, ADHD, OHI, Nonverbal LD, or mild ASD, including those with a 504 Plan.

Our Learning Centers are WASC Accredited as a Supplemental Education Provider and  we are certified as a Nonpublic Agency. Our centers are different from tutoring or test prep facilities that address content or subject areas.  At Banyan Tree, we identify and strengthen the underlying skills necessary for students to become confident, independent learners. Weak underlying processing skills can cause even very bright students  to work harder or longer than expected. These skills are not usually addressed at school, but they are essential to learning efficiency.

In the hierarchy of learning, students must have certain skills in place to achieve at higher levels. Those skills may include attention, auditory processing, sensory processing, memory, visual processing. processing speed, language and executive functioning. When these skills are underdeveloped, learning is inefficient and challenging. We identify and strengthen these root causes, building a solid foundation for learning.  We can support memory, attention, and other processing skills while developing academic skills.

The brain has plasticity and can be changed or rewired.

Through research on brain plasticity, we know that targeted and intensive intervention can result in the development of new neural pathways. Therefore, the brain can grow and change, allowing for more efficient information processing and skills development. Banyan Tree utilizes well-researched programs known to make significant changes. These programs include:

  • Fast Forword
  • Cog X
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Cogmed
  • Movements for Learning
  • The Listening Program
  • Integrated Listening Systems

Why we assess our students:

It is important to assess a student to pinpoint the cause of the difficulty. Then we can develop a plan that is very specific to your student’s needs. While we do consider all previous testing, we use our assessment to observe many aspects of the student and build rapport. Assessments at our Learning Centers can vary based on student need and complexity, but assessment is required before starting any program or remediation.

Educational Therapy

Educational Therapy is different than tutoring. ET addresses the needs of the whole child. In addition to strengthening processing skills, we work with additional skills in the learning continuum:

  • Basic skills in reading, writing and math
  • Comprehension and language processing
  • Critical thinking and reasoning
  • Understanding HOW to learn
  • Executive functioning
  • Study Skills

It starts with an assessment, and we develop a personal plan for success!