How to Stop the “Summer Slide”

stop the summer slide

With summer fast approaching, many parents start to wonder if their student will experience the dreaded “summer slide.”

Have you heard about the summer slide?

It isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds. The ‘summer slide’ is a phrase commonly used to describe a decline in academic skills, specifically reading, that can occur during the summer months. Since students are not in school they aren’t using these skills with the same frequency as they do during the rest of the year.

A small decline is natural, but it can be very difficult for some students to bounce back and recover those skills. That additional challenge at the start of a new school year can lead to frustration during what may be an already anxious time.

So how do we help kids avoid a summer slide?

The answer is simple. Encourage your student to keep learning all summer long. At Banyan Tree Educational Services, we can help. Our Power Learning Summer Program is specifically designed to help keep students from heading down that summer slide.

The Power Learning Summer Program

The Power Learning Summer Program offers students a chance to work one-on-one with our instructors and focus on ramping up their skills. We offer programs in reading, comprehension, math concepts, study skills, critical thinking, visual spatial skills, auditory processing, attention and processing speed.

Parents can help students avoid the summer slide as well.

Trips to the library, audio books, and even cooking with your child will encourage them to read, listen, use math skills and grow. The best part is they may not even notice how much they’re having while learning! Special trips and spending time together as a family can be fun as well as educational.

Family game night is another great way for students to work on honing their skills over the summer months. Matching games can help students work on short term and long term memory. Memory and focus aren’t school-specific skills (like reading and math), but it is so important that students keep their memory and attention sharp.

Board games are also an amazing resource because they involve reading, spelling, and adding up points. Games also require kids to count money or spaces. Using games to help your student brush up on these skills is a great way to keeping reading and math fresh.

Now that you know how the summer slide affects kids, what will you do this summer?


Call us today at 858-367-5428 to find out how we can help keep your student off the summer slide! Students receive one-on-one instruction in the areas they need help. 

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