7 Fun STEM Activities To Refresh Your Quarantine Days

fun STEM activities for quarantine

“What day is it again?” For many of us, the days are rolling into one another. For our students, this ‘new normal’ can be challenging and even mentally draining, as nothing feels the same. Maybe your child has said, “Are things ever going back to how they were?” or even questioned why he/she has to learn at home. If you feel your child becoming less and less interested in learning, here are a few fun STEM activities for quarantine! Hopefully, these ideas can help him/her stay engaged:

Zearn (K-5)

Zearn is an interactive platform that is filled with games activities to make learning math fun. Best for younger ages, it gives students games, video instruction, and practice sessions to make learning feel less like learning.

Amazing Space

Amazing Space is an excellent resource for students who may be interested in science or astronomy. The platform has many different topics, including gravity, planets, solar systems, black holes, and more. There are even opportunities for younger students to engage, too.

Nuclear Unit Notes

If you’re looking for fun STEM activities for quarantine, this Nuclear Science Unit is great! Not only will it teach your child about the history of Nuclear Science Week, but he or she will have interactive puzzles, worksheets, games, free printables, and STEM experiments that can be done at home!

For advanced learners, there’s even the option for a home book report.

Google 3D Animal

Although this is less of an educational activity and more of something fun to check out Google 3D Animal lets students search for an animal on a smartphone and click ‘View in 3D’ to cast the animal in your home!

*Younger students may need to do this with an adult in order to access the smartphone capabilities!

Virtual Dives

If your child is into the ocean, sea life, or simply curious about scuba divers, this website has virtual dives that offer a simulated experience of the ocean! Students can ‘dive’ in with a special VR device, phone, or even your computer. As they browse the site, the ocean comes to life!

Science Experiments (K-3)

You can’t go wrong with in-home science experiments! These printable worksheets are great (and simple) ways to engage your child in science at home. For older students, there are also free printable science journals to help record ideas and observations while learning at home.

SciShow Kids

Technology can be a great way to support home learning, especially as students transition into virtual learning with their schools or teachers. YouTube’s SciShow is great for auditory and visual learners, as each section is broken down and engaging. This can offer a fun supplement to their daily work.

Other Fun STEM Activities for Quarantine:

At Banyan Tree, we are always looking for fun, new, and innovative ways to engage our students. If you have something you’ve stumbled across at home that you’d like to share, let us know! We can add it to our list. If you’re curious about how a website or program works at home, we’d be happy to help you troubleshoot.

Our goal is to partner with you and your family during this challenging time. We would love to help your child find ways to engage in his or her learning. We also offer many options for one-on-one learning to support your child’s current learning experience, or to offer individualized tutoring. To learn more, give us a call at (858) 367-5428!

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