7 Fun Online Classes You Can Enroll Your Child In Right Now

On the tails of an exciting, eventful, and challenging year, we want to update you with Banyan Tree Summer Learning offerings! Not only are we continuing our usual one-on-one tutoring and Educational Therapy sessions, but this summer we are expanding into fun online classes as well!

These classes cover various topics and content areas! Right now, due to current CDC guidelines for California, we are offering these classes virtually. This flexibility allows for students of all ages to join from the comfort of your home! We have two 4-week sessions; the next begins July 13th!

Group Cooking Class:

Learn about health, wellness, and nutrition! Plus, explore how you can make some of your favorite dishes safely and sustainably! Yum!

Explore IEW Writing Class:

Explore ancient civilizations, learn about myths, and strengthen your skills through the award-winning Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW) program.

Math Skills Class:

Strengthen your math skills with this engaging math course. First 4-week session isfor middle school; second 4-week session is for high school! 

Creative Writing Class:

Create characters, dive into elements of plot, and build your own adventure through this fun and engaging creative writing crash course.

Mind & Body:

A blend of mental health, wellness, and social thinking, this class explores the inner-workings of your mind and helps you become more aware, balanced, and confident!

Yoga & Art

A blend of yoga, stretching, movement, and creative expression, this class challenges you to explore different aspects of your personality and get out of your comfort zone.

Beginning French

Take a leap into French culture and language with this class! Perfect for any beginner wanting to learn the basics of French.

To learn more about our fun online classes and other summer offerings/availability, feel free to give us a call! (858) 367-5428

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