How To Get Free Or Low-Cost Internet During COVID-19

how to find free or low-cost internet for families

Over the last two months, our Banyan Tree staff and teachers have been working tirelessly to set up virtual learning opportunities for our students. We know that having access to free or low-cost internet during COVID-19 can be challenging. Our goal is to provide resources and assistance to help you and your family access what you need for your child, regardless of whether your child attends one of our campus programs/schools or not.

Here Are Options for Free Or Low-Cost Internet During COVID-19:

If you currently use one of these services listed below, call to inquire about switching your plan to something more affordable. If you haven’t used one of these providers, call to sign up. Ask specifically about discounts and free services for COVID-19.

Here Are Additional Internet Resources for Students and Families:

Many companies are offering free or low-cost internet during COVID-19, or options for students to access technology they may need for the classroom.

If your child is moving to distance learning with his or her school, it’s also a good idea to contact your child’s teachers or look on the district websites for information. For the San Diego Unified School District, updates on learning programs can be found here.

For Banyan Tree students, teachers have already contacted families and students in order to help prepare them for changes. If you are unable to access a computer or internet at home, we would be happy to print all necessary materials and schedule a time for pick-up on campus!

Here are other resources for accessing technology:

  • Internet for All Now — Your household may qualify for an affordable home internet offer through the California Emerging Technology Fund! To see if your family qualifies and to apply, visit their website or call toll-free 1-844-841-INFO (4636).
  • Computers 2 Kids — C2K is a program that offers computers to families in need at reduced rates. Each computer comes with Microsoft Windows and Office Suite, as well as one year of technical support. You can apply online (one application per household) or call 1-858-200-9788.
  • Everyone On — Depending on your zip code, you may qualify for different offers. Call 1-855-EVRY1ON (3879166), text CONNECT to 30364, or visit their website for more information.
  • Human-I-T — This organization offers internet to families who can’t connect or afford services. You can fill out a request form or text 1-562-372-6925 for assistance.

Finding free or low-cost internet during COVID-19 can be challenging and stressful. If you know of any other resources, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can add the information to this post.

If you are struggling right now, please send us an email and we can help to find resources, print materials, or point you in the right direction!

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