Foundations Academy

Why Foundations Academy?

Our mission is to provide innovative school programs and therapies that promote social, emotional, and academic development for children who learn differently.

We move students from feelings of failure and being overwhelmed to feelings of accomplishment— ready to engage in learning. We meet students where they are, not where we want them to be. We work 1:1 or 1:2 until a student is ready for small groups and classroom participation.

Why Parents choose Foundations?

Foundations Academy is a private, nonsectarian, nonpublic school that partners with school districts to serve students in special education. Parents seek placement at Foundations because of our focus on individualized learning and helping students reach their potential.

Each student is different.

Students in grades 2-8 attend the lower school program, and students in grades 9-12, or in our transition program attend the upper school. Students enjoy special projects such as gardening or field trips to participate in the local community.

Students at Foundations:

Our students come to us with significant challenges due to learning disabilities and/or social emotional issues that have made learning in a more traditional setting frustrating or unsuccessful. Our program is tailor-made to address the unique needs of each of our students. Through specific assessments and evaluations, ongoing monitoring, specialized cognitive training, intensive educational and therapeutic interventions, positive changes occur that open up future educational options.

Foundations Administration

Our Foundations Academy Administrative Staff brings years/decades of experience in leadership, teaching, and management. Together they have created a positive learning environment which supports teachers, students and parents.

Mairen Ruiz
Jennifer Baron
Manager of Student Affairs
Kay MacIsaac
Reading Specialist
Sue Rodriguez
Melissa McGowann
Kurt Killpack
Jessica Barajas
Cheyenne Messig

BFTA Instructors

Danielle Glen
Cindy Woelk
Ingrid Stein
Krista Unangst
Scott Thielen
Helen Castro
Lindsay Mitchell
Robert Ledesma

Linsay Dome
Katarina Kinden
Kelly Ummel
Alice Drennan
Geoff Odelson
Paola Hernandez
Denise Cisneros
Stephanie Brown

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