Excelsior Academy

Why Excelsior Academy?

Our mission at Excelsior Academy is to provide a safe and nurturing environment wherein students become literate, thinking, independent and productive citizens.

We have been very successful at creating a learning environment where children achieve social/emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.  Excelsior is an award-winning school in San Diego that has been devoted to helping each student meet and surpass his/her individual potential for over 25 years. To learn more about us or set up a consultation, head to our contact page.

Why Parents choose Excelsior?

Our students are safe, nurtured, and respected.  Classes are small with a student to teacher ratio of 6:1. Families feel a renewed sense of hope and students breathe a sigh of relief as they come to realize the Excelsior experience.

Every student is different.

In addition to a comprehensive academic education, we also offer a Transition Program, Pathway to Independence, where students study a variety of transition and independent living skills including: communication, self care/independent living, motor/mobility skills, functional academics, vocational, social/emotional, and recreation/leisure.

There are various opportunities for supported employment and work experience. Students can enroll in either our College Preparatory Program, Pathway to Independence or both.

Options for school and for life.

Our academic program is comprehensive and rigorous.  We advocate lifelong learning and prepare our students for a myriad of life experiences.  EA graduates have been admitted to both 2-year and 4-year degree programs at institutions for higher education.

Excelsior Academy Students

Students at Excelsior Academy are part of a unique learning environment.  In order to ensure that each student is set-up for success, each classroom has been strategically staffed with a minimum of two qualified education professionals.  It is the goal of these professionals to provide individualized academic instruction and to work within each child’s social and emotional needs.

Excelsior Administration

Excelsior Academy staff consists of a diverse group of highly qualified, passionate, and compassionate professionals.  This highly collaborative group works tirelessly with a single goal in mind- providing a school environment where students can find success academically and socially.

Excelsior Academy Leadership

Nancy Macnamara, Principal
Katie Wilson, Manager of Student Affairs

Excelsior Academy Teachers

Stephen Lynch
Ariel Niemi
Tanja Sutton

Scott Sturgeon
Noah Wilke

Excelsior Instructors

Daniel Alvarez
Amber Fabros
Nicole Lyke

Nataly Merlo-Villa
Devon Quenga
Todd Morschhauser

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