Does Your Student Have Test Anxiety?

does your student have test anxiety

As the school year begins to wind, down families are looking forward to summer! But before anyone can pack their cars for the beach, many students will have to face some end-of-the-year testing.

For some students, these tests can bring up feelings of nervousness or anxiety. So what is the best way to keep your focused and calm? While there is no one way to cure the ‘test-taking-blues,’ there are some tricks to help students cope with the stress.

1. Talk It Out

Ask your child what exactly is making them nervous. Simply talking to your child about upcoming tests or exams could help ease some of the tension.

  • Do they feel anxious about finishing on time?
  • Is math, reading, or whatever the subject too difficult?

Getting inside the mind of your student can help you better understand where they struggle. This will allow you to target the problem and ease their fears.

2. Take Practice Tests

Practice tests reinforce content and help students work on their time management skills. Ask your child’s teacher for information about where your child may need additional reinforcement. Teachers can also provide helpful content for at-home testing. At-home practice tests are a wonderful way to help your student become more comfortable, and help them better manage the testing process.

2. Move Around or Medidate

Exercise and meditation also come highly recommended for students with anxiety. Having your child get up and get moving the morning of a big test will increase their heart rate and engage their muscles.

Physical activity can help some students feel more alert and engage areas of the brain that help regulate stress. Meditation and the art of self-soothing is something your child can take with them into the classroom when you aren’t able to be there for support. Practice quiet focus and deep breathing as a means of calming down and preparing for a test. This is a tool that will benefit your child in all aspects of their life.

Whatever method you choose, it is important to check in with your child. Keep lines of communication open to ensure your student has a happy and successful school experience!

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