Coping with ADHD

coping with ADHD / ADD

Growing up is no easy task. Growing up with learning challenges can make things even more interesting. That’s why it’s important that students who struggle are reassured and supported by those around them. In this post, we’ll be dealing with ADHD and the challenges that arise when bright students struggle with how to pay attention.

Students with ADHD can often feel like they don’t belong in class or that they aren’t as smart as the other students. This is usually not the case. It’s important to encourage students to trust their instincts and build their self esteem so they can feel sure of themselves in academic situations.

Students with ADHD are often very motivated. However, these types of students are often encouraged to “Work harder” in order to achieve their goals. While this sentiment comes from a well meaning place, the implication that they aren’t working hard can make a student feel defeated. It is critical that students are reminded they have value and potential.

1. Specialized Topics

One way teachers and parents can do this is by working with students to discover their areas of interest. Custom lessons that utilize a student’s interests are a great way to excite students and keep them focused. Students then recognize that their potential doesn’t just come from hard work, but also their passion.

2. Learning to Rest

Students should be encouraged to give their brain a break. Students with ADHD are constantly looking for something to stimulate their brain. This means they will often focus on whatever interests them at any given moment. This means their attention is switching at the drop of a hat and the mind is racing during the day. The ADHD brain is very active which can lead to exhaustion. Students can have difficulty describing their mental fatigue and struggle to advocate for themselves. Making sure students feel empowered to communicate how they’re feeling is so important. All students need the opportunity to release pressure and take a break, but this is especially important for students with ADHD who can often feel more worn out than their peers.

3. Personalized Coaching 

There are many ways to help your student manage their ADHD. ADHD coaches are available to help to help students. Many coaches are actually adults who have an ADHD diagnosis themselves. Having someone who has been through it can be so helpful for families who are struggling to help a student cope. It’s comforting for kids to be able to talk openly with someone who truly understands what they’re going through and has been in their position. ADHD coaches are able to recommend strategies and offer support from a very knowledgeable place.

Educate Yourself 

Next week there is a webinar available for families who are working to help a student with ADHD: A Parents Guide to Mindfulness and Self-Regulation Strategies for Children With ADHD. This free webinar is offered though ADDitude and will offer valuable insight and coping strategies from Dr. Varleisha Gibbs author of the book Self Regulation and Mindfulness. You can register for this event and learn more!

Here at Banyan Tree Educational Services we offer many programs and strategies to help students struggling with attention issues. During the summer months, it’s especially important to devote time to helping students manage their ADHD so they can head into the new school year with confidence. We make sure they have the tools they need to succeed.

Please give us a call to find out how Banyan Tree can help put your student on the path to academic success! 858-367-5428

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