Compass Academy

Why Compass Academy?

Specialized school with flexible options.

Compass Academy changes the way learning happens.

We offer an accredited, blended curriculum for students who need flexibility, special education, filling the gaps in academics, and getting to the root of learning challenges. A combination of online learning, teacher-led instruction, and individual or small group classes or independent learning provides individual choices. We will find the right combination for your child.

Why Parents choose Compass?

Parents may have considered homeschooling, independent learning, or struggled with other alternatives. Our academy offers a whole-child approach to learning challenges, including exceptional remedial resources. Classes can be designed to help students with challenges such as dyslexia, auditory processing, ADHD and executive functioning.

Each student is different.

Our low student to staff ratio and unique learning environment help kids feel safe, comfortable and confident in their learning abilities. Even those with learning challenges can find success. Teachers scaffold learning to help all students reach their highest potential.

Students at Compass Academy

Our students come to us with significant challenges due to learning disabilities and/or social emotional issues that have made learning in a more traditional setting frustrating or Each student has different learning needs and challenges. Some of our students experience problems with anxiety, social skills, learning disabilities, or attention. Others may need flexible schedules to accommodate athletics, family travel, or the ability to work at their own pace.

Compass Teachers

Teachers at Banyan Tree Compass Academy customize and scaffold learning. Our teachers will select from all of our available curriculum’s and teaching tools to make sure we are teaching the way your child learns. Our teachers provide communication with parents in constant and real-time updates, helping you support your child’s learning process along the way.

Jill Perlman
Learning Center Director
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Doug Pallozzi
Marisa Donnelly
Kim Mooney
Cari Beltane

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