Compass Academy

Compass Academy helps students navigate the path to success

Compass Academy unlocks the potential of students with dyslexia and related learning differences.

For 6 years, Compass Academy has provided early intervention to address dyslexia and other learning challenges using research-based multisensory programs. We strengthen the underlying processing skills that impact learning and teach strategies for success in school and in life. For most students, 1-2 years at Compass is life-changing, and opens the doors for future educational options.

Each student is different.

Our low student to staff ratio and unique learning environment help kids feel safe, comfortable and confident in their learning abilities. Even those with learning challenges can find success. Teachers scaffold learning to help all students reach their highest potential.

Students at Compass Academy

Our students are bright, creative and unique. They feel safe and supported in a learning environment where they are understood. They develop resilience and self-advocacy skills as they move from feelings of failure to achieving success.  They discover and celebrate their strengths, talents and abilities.