Can The Listening Program Help Your Student?

the Listening Program

We LOVE The Listening Program!

Here at Banyan Tree we work with students who have a variety of learning challenges. We offer specific programs to help remediate those challenges. One program we have found to be particularly successful with students is The Listening Program.

Some of the issues we hope to address with the Listening Program are:

  • Delayed language development
  • Highly distractable with short attention span
  • Inconsistent responses to auditory stimuli
  • Confusion when faced with words or letters that contain similar sounds
  • Poor speech comprehension & more

These and other kinds of auditory processing issues often lead to feelings of frustration for a student. It can also affects a student’s self-esteem in the classroom. But there is hope! In our experience, the Listening Program has provided a therapeutic option for students.

How does it work?

The Listening Program works to train the auditory system to more accurately process sound. Students use the program five consecutive days a week for thirty minutes a day. These thirty minute sessions are broken down into a ‘warm up’, ‘work out’ and ‘cool down’.

In the warm up the student listens to calming music to help them prepare for the more intensive auditory stimulation of the work out phase. During the cool down the student is returned to a relaxed state. The students listen to the program-specific music through specialized headphones that provide subtle, synchronized vibrations. These vibrations, which occur on the top of the students head, engage their skin and skeletal system. This allows The Listening Program to engage both the body and brain in the listening process. For more information on The Listening Program click here.

Do you think your student could benefit from The Listening Program? We want to help support you! We will help you purchase equipment and register your student. We will meet with you to discuss how the best implement the program. Our instructors believe in working with your family to achieve the best possible results for your student.

Give us a call so we can help get you started! 858-367-5428

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