4 Simple Ways To Boost Student Engagement Online

child doing distance learning

When it comes to distance learning, there is sometimes a negative connotation. “My child has a hard time paying attention.” “There’s too much screen time.” “My child can’t focus.” These are phrases we hear quite often from our parents, and they are very valid concerns. However, there are ways to boost student engagement online (and make learning fun!).

At BTES, we are committed to creating better and more positive experiences for our students, families, and teachers doing distance learning right now.

Here are four simple ways we’re helping our students stay alert, focused, and engaged:

1. Create Variety in Lessons

One of our biggest goals when it comes to online learning is to make sure that there is variety. No one learns through a screen when the lesson is repetitive, basic, or just plain boring! Our teachers create unique lessons so that no two sessions are the same.

Even for students working on remedial or step-by-step programs, our teachers and instructors find ways to be creative AND purposeful.

2. Add Movement

Our students are more alert when they can move their bodies. From stretches, to brain-training exercises, to mid-session jumping jacks, we use movement to help transition and keep our students feeling like their best selves.

3. Incorporate Multisensory Techniques

Multisensory learning involves all the senses—visual, auditory, and kinesthetic—with purpose. Even when our teachers and instructors are working at a distance, we use multisensory techniques to help our students learn in different ways.

For example, we may have our students clap to the beat as they attempt spelling words, catch a ball as they recite vowel sounds, or draw pictures or symbols in the margin of their notes to create visual cues.

4. Keep Break Time Sacred

At BTES, we believe that all of our students need break time to decompress, relax, and reacquaint themselves with learning. When it comes to distance learning, one of the best ways to boost student engagement online is to incorporate meaningful, off-screen breaks.

Our teachers and instructors set aside time within lessons for students to disconnect and focus on a different activities before returning to the screen.

Parents: What are strategies that have worked for you/your family at home? Teachers: Do you have other tips to recommend? Share with us!

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