Banyan Tree Educational Therapy: Our Promise

At Banyan Tree Educational Services, we offer Educational Therapy to students in our Learning Centers. Educational Therapy is personalized, targeted learning that focuses on strengthening students’ core processing skills. Here is our promise with our Ed. Therapy sessions:

1. To Establish & Build Trust

Our number one goal is to establish and built trust, honesty and mutual respect with our students and families. We know that your child’s education is of utmost importance to you – as it is for us!

2. To Assist with Social, Emotional & Educational Aspects of Learning

We know that learning goes beyond the four walls (or digital space) in which your child learns. For us, our influence impacts all areas of social, emotional, and educational aspects that impact learning.

We are committed, not only to developing your child within our sessions, but to help him or her develop lifelong strategies for success – in and out of school.

3. To Be Positive Role Models

We know that as teachers, instructors, and leaders of your child’s education, we have a responsibility of providing a space that models integrity, honesty, dedication, and hard work.

We are committed to being positive role models to our students, as well as being ‘safe spaces’ where they can confide and build trust.

4. To Keep Lines of Communication Open

We know that feeling in “the dark” about your child’s learning can be extremely stressful. Our promise is to keep lines of communication open, offering check-ins, progress reports, and outside-of-school events to keep you in the know.

You can also call or email your child’s teachers/instructors at any time.

5. To Offer Positive & Constructive Feedback

Learning happens when proper feedback is given. As teachers and instructors, we know how to give constructive feedback that encourages rather than discourages. We also open the floor for students to have ownership of their learning and share their perspectives, too!

6. To Create a Safe & Inspiring Learning Environment

We believe that students work best when they feel comfortable and empowered to take risks, make mistakes, and ask questions.

Our promise is to foster safe and inspiring educational environments that allow students to be themselves and experience the fun of learning!

To learn more about our programs and schools, browse our website or head to our contact page! You can also give us a call: (858) 367-5428.

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