Does Your Student Have Test Anxiety?

As the school year begins to wind, down families are looking forward to summer! But before anyone can pack their cars for the beach, many students will have to face some end-of-the-year testing. For some students, these tests can bring up feelings of nervousness or anxiety. So what is the best way to keep yourContinue reading “Does Your Student Have Test Anxiety?”

How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day (Without The Sugar Rush)

Valentine’s Day is here! While we love all the goodies that typically come with this day, it isn’t always a parent’s first choice to have a child full of candy and chocolates. There are plenty of healthy alternatives that can also be fun! 1. Fun Fruits Strawberries are a great Valentine’s day snack option! YouContinue reading “How To Enjoy Valentine’s Day (Without The Sugar Rush)”

New Assistive Technology Coming To Our Classrooms

Assistive Technology has become more and more prominent in modern day classrooms. AT is technically defined as any device, system or program that helps compensate for an individual’s specific learning disability. This kind of technology can be used to support children who have issues with math, writing and organizational memory, among other challenges. AT isContinue reading “New Assistive Technology Coming To Our Classrooms”

What Does An Increase In Special Education Services Mean?

Every year the National Center for Education Statistics creates a report on the state of education in the United States. As a school that focuses on research-based forms of teaching, we always take note of this report. The curriculum for each of our students varies based on their individual needs, so we always want toContinue reading “What Does An Increase In Special Education Services Mean?”