Our 3-Step Learning Center Process

The 3-Step Learning Center Process

At BTES, our Learning Centers offer educational therapy and intervention for students of all ages to build processing skills through multisensory instruction. We have two locations, Point Loma and Oceanside, and our Learning Center process is a three-step breakdown to discover and address areas of need in order to provide our students with the skills they need for school, work, and life!

Here is our process:

1. Diagnostic Evaluation

Our initial evaluations determine areas of strength and weaknesses in learning. We assess reading, spelling, language, comprehension, vocabulary, phonological processing, writing and mathematics skills in order to determine learning gaps and where and what type of services are needed.

2. Learning Plan

After understanding areas of strength and need, our Learning Center leaders develop a personalized, targeted plan for every learner. These plans will address challenges and enhance strengths. Learning plans are created uniquely for each student and their needs and create a guide

3. Individualized Intervention

Our highly trained instructors deliver the multisensory, research-based and process-based programs to make positive change possible.

Through our Learning Center process, we incorporate Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program® (LiPS®), Sonday System®, Seeing Stars®, On Cloud Nine: A Visualized Math Program,® Visualizing & Verbalizing Program for Language Comprehension and Thinking®, and Writing Adventures®.

A student’s intervention and educational therapy schedule is determined uniquely. In every session, students will work on curriculum and individualized skill-building to help boost understanding, academic rigor, and confidence!

To learn more about our Learning Centers, click here or give us a call at Point Loma: (858) 367-5428 | Oceanside: (760) 434-7720.

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