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Big News!

Compass Academy has a new home! Just around the corner in Liberty Station, we are now located in a historic house, previously called SCOUT. Our Learning Center students will also attend there.

More Great News!

Excelsior Academy has officially joined the Banyan Tree Educational Services family!
Our mission at Banyan Tree is to make a lifelong impact on students, help them reach their potential, and become successful learners. Excelsior Academy has a 30-year history of wonderful work with students.

We are eager to have Excelsior Academy join us in our mission. Banyan Tree and Excelsior Academy are better together!

Individual Solutions


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Make a difference with

Power Learning Program

Getting to the root of a learning challenge can change your child’s life!

Every student’s journey is different. Each one has unique experiences, victories and challenges.

We can help identify those challenges and how to overcome them.

Our mission is to make a life-long impact on students with learning challenges, including dyslexia, ADD/HD, autism, and other issues that interfere with learning. We are here to help students become successful learners, in school and life. Our personalized approach helps students overcome their unique challenge!

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Our Specialties

Learning Challenges

Auditory Processing


Dyslexia Assessments

Sensory Processing

Credit Recovery

Homeschool Support

Educational Therapy

We build foundations for learning.
With the right support all students can learn and achieve their potential.

A strong foundation for learning must be in place for higher level skills to develop with ease.

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