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Why Banyan Tree Foundations Academy

Foundations Academy is certified as a nonpublic school, and is intended as a short-term placement for intervention. Our students come to us with significant learning challenges due to learning disabilities and/or social emotional challenges that have made learning in a more traditional setting frustrating or unsuccessful.  Students often attend for one to two years to build the foundational, academic, and social skills needed to help them to return to their neighborhood school or district programs. The experience and services at Banyan Tree will be life-changing, for students and their families.

No two students have exactly the same needs or learning style. That’s why we create an individual learning plan for every child. We combine small-group work and 1-1 specialized training for intensive educational and therapeutic interventions carefully selected for your student. Curriculum and specialized programs are determined by specific assessments and evaluations, in conjunction with the student’s IEP, with ongoing monitoring, and positive reinforcement.

When you need options for your child’s school placement, Foundations Academy may be right for you. We get to the root of the problem to help students find success.


Who Should Attend

Students who will benefit from Foundations Academy have significant challenges, including severe dyslexia, autism, attention, communication, or sensory processing issues, social problems, or previous school failure.

Our students may require 1-to-1 for up to 3 hours daily, using our individual, intense, and integrated model. Small groups for 2-3 hours a day offers an opportunity for socialization, interaction, and project-based learning. Some high school classes or credits may be combined with online learning when appropriate. Based on needs identified in a student’s IEP, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Counseling are provided. All curriculum follows California State Standards and is aligned with student’s IEP goals.


How to Get Started

Step 1— Consultation: Prepare for your consultation by completing the Enrollment Form online. Once submitted, we will contact you to schedule your interview. We also request that you send or bring necessary documents to the consultation, such as your child’s IEP and other professional reports, if available. If this is a district placement, documentation may have been sent for review by the district. The online form is still to be completed.

Step 2—Interview: After reviewing all information, an interview will be scheduled with parents and the student. This is the process for both private and nonpublic applicants. We want to be sure we are the best fit for your child.

Step 3—Enrollment:  After acceptance for enrollment to Foundations Academy, a meeting will be held to develop new goals or review previous goals. This will occur within 30 days of enrollment/placement.


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