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Why Banyan Tree Compass Academy

Banyan Tree Compass Academy is a one-of-a-kind private learning environment that provides individualized teaching solutions to all our students. Our goal is to inspire the love of learning in every child.


We offer an accredited blended curriculum for students who need flexibility, advanced placement, or special education, filling the gaps in academics, and getting to the root of learning challenges. A combination of online learning, teacher-led instruction, and individual or small group classes provides individual choices. We will find the right combination for your child.


Why Parents Choose Compass Academy

Compass Academy helps parents navigate the best educational course available for their child. Every student’s journey is different. Each one has unique experiences, victories and challenges. The goals are the same: to become confident, life-long learners and reach their potential.


Parents may have considered homeschooling, independent learning, or struggled with other alternatives. Our academy offers a whole-child approach to learning challenges, including exceptional remedial resources. Classes can be designed to help students with challenges such as dyslexia, auditory processing, ADHD and executive functioning.


Students at Compass Academy

Each student has different learning need and challenges. Some of our students experience anxiety, social skills problems, learning disabilities, or medical needs. Others need flexibility due to sports or career demands that make attending a traditional school impossible. Families who travel or move frequently can benefit from consistency in learning with this program.


Teachers at Compass Academy

Teachers at Banyan Tree Compass Academy are trained in assessing and creating custom solutions for each student. Our teachers will select from all of our available curriculums and teaching tools to make sure we are teaching the way your child learns. Our teachers provide communication with parents in constant and real-time updates, helping you support your child’s learning process along the way. Whether your child is part-time or full-time, they will have access to great passionate teachers all the time.


 2 Options for Your Child

Compass Academy School Solution

Students attend Compass Academy as an alternative school solution. Curriculum and classwork is customized to meet the unique challenges of every student. Students attend our Learning Center for up to 6 classes in small groups or one-on-one, freeing students to enjoy afterschool activities or sports without the need for additional tutoring or educational therapy.

Compass Academy Independent Learning with Teacher Support

Students may work independently through the curriculum at home, while we provide monitoring and weekly check-ins. This allows our teachers to help problem solve, build relationships, and offer additional remediation as needed. Building relationships with students and families, we become part of the team that supports student success.

 Other Banyan Branches

Credit Recovery

Our virtual platform offers a complete menu of high school courses. Placement tests are administered for each course so a student may complete the portion of a course that was missing or needs to be retaught.  AP or a-g approved courses can be selected and are fully accredited.

Seasonal Intensives

Catch up or get ahead! Students may attend during school breaks for intensive intervention, including winter break, spring break, and summer, to advance their path to success. Attending the Learning Center for these intensives is a great “power boost” for academic or processing skills that have been addressed previously as well.


How to Get Started

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Always Communication with parents is key to success. You will receive regular reports to follow your child’s progress. Every program we offer includes individualized programming, attendance tracking, official transcripts, and follow-up sessions.

2017-2018 fees vary depending on the student’s needs, but we strive to offer affordable options for our families.

  1. Full Time Compass Academy School Solution
  2. Part Time Compass Academy School Solution
  3. Independent Learning with Curriculum + Teacher Support TBD depending on additional support needed


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