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Why Banyan Tree Learning Center

Banyan Tree is very different from tutoring or test prep facilities, although we offer support in these areas as well. We focus on how a student learns. We work on the skills needed to be an efficient and independent learner, while most tutoring focuses on academic content.

Tutoring may support students to help them get through a night’s homework or a particular class. But remediation eliminates the learning problem and teaches students to learn so they can learn anywhere, anytime, for a lifetime. Remediation addresses the underlying processing skills.

Who Should Attend

Here are some common symptoms, any of which may indicate that there are underlying processing skills not supporting the learner well enough:

Bright child or teen but is underachieving

  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Gets distracted easily
  • Avoids work, appears unmotived
  • Yawns all the time when listening
  • Tries really hard for minimal outcome
  • Struggles to sound out words
  • Can’t remember months, days, math facts, spelling words
  • Can’t follow more than one or two directions at a time
  • Is inconsistent with math processes; can’t find or correct math errors; doesn’t understand how numbers work
  • Struggles to read, write, or spell
  • Is uncoordinated, awkward, or has poor posture
  • Has to work excessively hard
  • Gets fatigued quickly / has very low stamina for listening or schoolwork
  • Misunderstands what is heard or read
  • Misses or mishears information when listening

What Can Be Done

These issues can be changed! With specialized training the brain can learn to think and process information in more effective ways. Children and adults do not have to continue to suffer the effects of learning problems, but it will take more than a traditional tutor.

We use a variety of tools to develop the right program for each individual. First, we complete an assessment to begin unlocking the learning puzzle, finding the skills that are underdeveloped, and then working with families to develop a learning plan.

How to Get Started

Step 1— Consultation: Prepare for your complimentary consultation by completing the Enrollment Form online. Once submitted, we will contact you to schedule your appointment. We also request that you send or bring necessary documents to the consultation, such as your child’s IEP and other professional reports, if available. We will get an overview of your child, and explain our services and fees.

Step 2—Testing: After reviewing all information, our initial testing is the basis for making recommendations to improve learning, attention, behavior, and overall academic success. Fees vary for all assessments depending on previous information and complexity of the student’s needs. Psychoeducational Evaluations, testing for dyslexia, auditory processing and sensory processing are a few of the assessments available.

Step 3—Scheduling: After testing, consultation will be scheduled to explain testing and recommendations. A plan will be established to assist in reaching your child’s goals. Once a program is agreed upon, your child will then be ready to start!
+ Bonus— Communication with parents is a key to success. You will receive regular reports to follow your child’s progress.

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