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Why Banyan Tree Compass Academy Homeschool

Banyan Tree Compass Academy is a unique, private school that provides support and individual accommodations for success. Through our partnership with Acellus, we offer an accredited blended curriculum for students who need flexibility, advanced placement, or special education, filling the gaps in academics, and getting to the root of learning problems. A combination of online learning, teacher-led instruction, and individual or small group classes provides individual choices. With over 250 courses for students in 1st through 12th grade, including AP and special education, we find the combination that is right for your child.


Who Should Attend

Each student has different learning needs. Some of our students experience anxiety, social skills problems, learning problems, or medical needs. Others need flexibility due to sports or career demands that make attending a traditional school impossible. Families who travel or move frequently can benefit from consistency in learning with this program.

You may have considered homeschooling because your child does not thrive in a traditional learning environment, but the thought of doing it your self is overwhelming. Compass Academy is here for you. With several options to meet family and student needs, we can develop a plan to accommodate minimum or maximum support and distance learning.



Banyan Tree Compass Academy provides students with many options for learning:

  1. Full day program

Banyan Tree provides you with all the necessary curriculum (K-12) through our partnership with Acellus. We provide credential teachers, who ensure that the student finds success with grade-level curriculum which can be customized to accommodate for learning differences. Students attend our learning center for full day support in small groups or one-on-one. Students may start at any time during the school year, and is pay a fixed monthly tuition.

  1. Part time homeschool support

If your child is already enrolled in a homeschool program, but you see a need for additional support in certain classes, we can develop an individualized program. It could mean taking one of our online classes, or joining other students for small group instruction and projects.

For either of these options, you can choose to have on-site support anywhere from 1 hour per week to 6 hours per day. We will work with you to meet your child’s specific needs.

  1. Homeschool + Specialized services = Success

Our Compass Academy Learning Centers offer a “whole child” approach to learning problems including dyslexia, auditory processing, ADHD and Executive Functioning. Located in Point Loma and Encinitas we find the root of the learning problem and work to correct it. Building relationships with students and families, we become part of the team that supports student success.

Combine one of our Homeschool programs with our specialized services to improve the student’s abilities to learn, while keeping up with age appropriate curriculum and filling in academic gaps.

Step 1— Consultation: Prepare for your complimentary consultation by completing the Enrollment Form online. Once submitted, we will contact you to schedule your appointment. We also request that you send or bring necessary documents to the consultation, such as your child’s IEP and other professional reports, if available. We will get an overview of your child, and explain our services and fees.

Step 2—Testing: After reviewing all information, our initial testing is the basis for making recommendations to improve learning, attention, behavior, and overall academic success. Fees vary for all assessments depending on previous information and complexity of the student’s needs. Psychoeducational Evaluations, testing for dyslexia, auditory processing and sensory processing are a few of the assessments available.

Step 3—Scheduling: After testing, consultation will be scheduled to explain testing and recommendations. A plan will be established to assist in reaching your child’s goals. Once a program is agreed upon, your child will then be ready to start!

+ Bonus— Communication with parents is a key to success. You will receive regular reports to follow your child’s progress.

Fees varies depending on the student’s needs, but we strive to offer affortable options for our families.

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